Strongbox Company

Website & Animation

Year: 2020

Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Optimisation, HTML5 Animation

In mid-2019 a working relationship started with the Hong Kong-based investment firm Foundation Capital to work on improving their online presence through creation of social media and email newsletter campaigns, as well as giving their flagship website an overhaul. On the strength of those results the firm also was looking to rework their online presence for Strongbox Company, a sub-division of the firm that deals with investment rentals of construction equipment. Not only was the visual presentation of the site improved, but also expanded with detailed information regarding the types of construction equipment available, including equipment specs and leasing costs. In addition to that, a news section was created to provide a platform to share industry news as well as a number of eye-catching HTML5 animations for the website providing a strong visual for the leasing process, which in turn were re-purposed as GIFs for use in their email campaigns.