National Arts Fundraising School

Intro to NAFS Information Video

Year: 2022

Video Editing, Animated Graphics, Video Optimisation, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects

=mc consulting is one of Europe’s longest established consulting firms working with charities, INGOs and public bodies and the National Arts Fundraising School (NAFS) is an entity within that firm that provides training in fundraising for those looking for funding for organisations working in arts, theatre, charity and other non-profits. NAFS wanted visually engaging informational video that summarized the various training programmes they were looking to promote for the 2023 year, as well as additional benefits for those looking to take part in one of their programmes. Using existing branding elements established, the resulting video uses a lot of helpful infographics utilising a flow that keeps the listener engaged right until the end. All graphics were custom created and animated, along with the background music composed to provide some additional energy and charisma to the resulting video piece.