=mc consulting

Decision Science Website

Year: 2020


Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Optimisation

=mc consulting is one of Europe’s longest established consulting firms working with charities, INGOs and public bodies. As part of a large, phased project of rebuilding all of the company’s digital assets and web presence across their various projects and sub-brands, a new initiative by the company called Decision Science launched in 2019 with JJD Works handling the new organisation’s branding and online presence. A first phase website for the organisation was built in mid-2019 with a overhaul of the site done in spring 2020, providing information and background on the concepts of decision science, along with a sizeable resource section and a large members-only resource area featuring streamed conferences, educational videos and more, providing a stream of income for the new organisation in a time of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.