MC Consulting

Website Development & Design

Year: 2021

Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Optimisation

=mc consulting is one of Europe‚Äôs longest established consulting firms working with charities, INGOs and public bodies. Having built a strong relationship with this client over the course of a couple of years on numerous web development projects, the time came to built out their flagship website. Given the amount of research articles, insights and other company information that needed to be packed in, this project required quite a lot of stragetising, planning and meetings to establish how the content would be structured and how the information should flow throughout the site to ensure readership. Alongside this the whole organisation was re-branded from the bottom up, starting with their logo and then expanding all of the other elements around that, including colours, typefaces and other graphic elements, including eye-catching “lottie” animations that call attention to the page headers for the site’s numerous sections.. A comprehensive archiving system was build for their library of news articles, insights and success stories to engage readership. As the site was being built, its progress was regularly reviewed and the general structure adjusted as the content itself started to paint a picture of how best to display that content. Once completed, the site took advantage of server-based optimisation tools as well as a co-ordinated SEO review and strategy approach.