Goldcrest Land & Forestry Group

Website Development & Design

Year: 2021

Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Optimisation

Based out of Edinburgh, Scotland, the GOLDCREST Land & Forestry Group is a new company comprised of experienced surveyors that have been instrumental in a significant proportion of forestry-related property sales throughout the last four decades. They wanted a strong and bold online presence for showcasing their property portfolio. Working alongside Goldcrest, this new site was created with many features available for their listings to give potential clients as much detail and imagery about available properties to encourage sales. Some of these features include VR panoramas, extensive image slideshows, downloadable brochures and land plots, as well as a comprehensive, interactive Google Maps-based tool to include property boundaries and other details. A bespoke mailing list was created, driven by the MailChimp platform, that allows subscribers to be informed of new properties based on their location, interests and occupation. All of these features were brought together into an backend interface that allows the Goldcrest team to add and administer existing properties through intuitive admin panels.