Intimate Productions

Intimate Productions

club and event promotion design
YEAR : 2007-2013

Providing dozens of promotional designs for this successful Vancouver-based club promoter for over five years, this selection of poster designs provides a very small cross-section of the work that has been done for Intimate Productions. Deliverables include tabloid-size posters, flyers, Flash-animated web banners and layered Photoshop files for use in motion graphics.

Intimate Poster - Derrick May
Intimate Poster - Carl Craig
Intimate Poster - Tanner Ross
Intimate Poster - Stacey Pullen
Intimate Poster - So You Think You Can DJ?
Intimate Poster - Soul Clap
Intimate Poster - Nina Kravitz
Intimate Poster - LLW Last Call 2011


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Derrick May banner - No Flash
Derrick May banner - No Flash