Dance Naked "Point Of Change" | Featured Image

Aufnahme + Wiedergabe

Dance Naked "Point Of Change" LP artwork and packaging layout
YEAR : 2014
Continuing and ongoing relationship with musicians on the forefront of musical sounds and ideas, JJD Works joined up with the members of Dance Naked, a London/Coventry post-punk synth band active in the late 1980s, to conceptualise and engineer the packaging for a re-release of their early recordings on the German label Aufnahme + Wiedergabe. Working alongside two of the band members, assistance was provided from the setting up of the initial photo shoot and then those source images were taken back to the studio to build and assemble the meticulously crafted imagery that resulted in the final artwork.

Dance Naked "Point Of Change" | Cover Panel

Dance Naked "Point Of Change" | Front Gatefold Spread

Dance Naked "Point Of Change" | Inner Gatefold Spread

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