Code Hunter Barristers LLP

Website Development & Design

Year: 2020

Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Optimisation

Code Hunter Barristers LLP is a well-known and respected litigation firm based out of Calgary, Alberta (Canada). They’re also one of the longest working relationships with a client, having worked with them on numerous variations of their website since 2008. Recently their site was given a complete overhaul to showcasing the professionalism and expertise of the firm, making use of constantly evolving web technologies to showcase their services. This project commenced with a consultation period with the client, getting an understanding of the visual feel and usability of the site, which then moved onto the design and prototype phase and then finally a full build of the site taking into account the layout of the content for the many devices the site may be viewed on, as well as detail to loading, optimisation and ease of use for prospective legal clients.