Almost two full years have flown by since the last major update to this site and in this case the old saying “no news is good news” definitely does apply! JJD Works has been in high demand since then with a strong base of clients providing work in the UK as well as Canada, Indonesia and the USA.

It’s difficult to condense work spread over dozens and dozens of clients over a two year span into a concise website update but a few select pieces handpicked from our more recent work have been put on display in the Works section of the site. JJD Works has been working with a broad range of clients in the fields of telecommunications, finance, law and real estate as well as arts, music and fashion.

With the original foundations of JJD Works being set in music-based design and digital design, over the last couple of years we have seen a shift into an increase of projects working with CMS installations and front end web development; providing services for other small design brands to do work “under the hood” of their own elegantly-styled websites.

We are always looking for new projects and challenges so feel free to today to discuss your next project or how we can move forward in providing design and development services for your business.

Spring 2014 saw a large volume of work in the studio, as well as a number of new clients that have come on board. Paring down all of this recent activity down to four projects, you can now view the results here on the following pages:

Open Studios Productions
A fully responsive website for a Vancouver-based film study and events company.

Perfect Events UK
This website was built off a basic WordPress theme, showcasing some rich photography and video for this London-based events planning company.

Dance Naked “Point Of Change”
Some complex image compositing, collage and layout work for this LP re-release on the German label Aufnahme + Wiedergabe.

The Irish Post
A whole sponsor package was designed and built for one of the best drill press ever made.

New Year, New Additions

10 January 2014
Panospria - Featured Image

Since the JJD Works website re-launched  a couple of months back there’s been some great feedback on the new design. Moving into this new year of 2014 it seemed suitable an update was in order with some more recent work that has been done, as well as a few things in the not-so-distant archives that seemed fitting. You can check out these new additions below:

Desire Records website
A Terrible Splendour “Poseurs” album package design
Panospria poster designs
Lyle Translations website

In The Last Stretch of 2013

02 December 2013
Handwriting - News 02 Dec 2013

As we go into the last month of 2013 there’s a number of projects that are wrapping up after a busy schedule of work this fall.

There’s been a lot of music-industry related projects in the studio lately. Production work on new websites for Futurismo Records (UK) and Desire Records (FR) is in the final phases and will see fancy new sites for both of these busy up-and-coming record labels in the near future.

A design and build of a new website for NYC musician Steven Fairweather is now underway, as well as a packaging design for a vinyl/CD release of the Coventry-based group Dance Naked. Part of the thriving Coventry music scene back in the mid-1980s, the unreleased recordings of this synthesizer-based post-punk band are being pressed and presented in a beautiful package.

There is a lot more content coming to this site from the archives so do come back in the future and see what’s in store!

JJD Works 2.0 is here!

25 November 2013
JJD Works - Screenshot 25 Nov 2013

It’s been three years since the formation of the JJD Works studio and it’s about time for a website update. This new site is bolder and meaner, with smoother navigation, a responsive framework and an architecture that’s a bit kinder for search engines. And with this new re-design we’ve added a lot of new pieces into the portfolio, and have re-published some favourites as well. Take a look around and if you’re impressed, why don’t you get in touch?