New Design and Web Development Work Into 2016!

21 January 2016
Maple Bay Hop Farm | Screen Shot

Almost two full years have flown by since the last major update to this site and in this case the old saying “no news is good news” definitely does apply! JJD Works has been in high demand since then with a strong base of clients providing work in the UK as well as Canada, Indonesia and the USA.

It’s difficult to condense work spread over dozens and dozens of clients over a two year span into a concise website update but a few select pieces handpicked from our more recent work have been put on display in the Works section of the site. JJD Works has been working with a broad range of clients in the fields of telecommunications, finance, law and real estate as well as arts, music and fashion.

With the original foundations of JJD Works being set in music-based design and digital design, over the last couple of years we have seen a shift into an increase of projects working with CMS installations and front end web development; providing services for other small design brands to do work “under the hood” of their own elegantly-styled websites.

We are always looking for new projects and challenges so feel free to today to discuss your next project or how we can move forward in providing design and development services for your business.